Our Animal Shelter in Wafra is open for adoptions only * Friday-Wednesday from 10AM till 2PM.
Please call shelter line at 6700-1622 before coming. **

* Shelter line is operational on Fri-Wed 9AM-3PM
**We no longer accept any animal surrenders (Read more).

About Us

Who we are, what we do, and what we aim for...

Protecting, Sheltering, Conserving, & Educating

We rescued, cared for and provided sanctuary for abandoned domestic and wild animals in Kuwait. We offered education to schools and individuals about the animals and natural habitats of Kuwait. We ran Kuwait's first humane animal control program, through which we provided support and safety to stray and street animals. Our multifaceted marine conservation program aimed to create a shift in the way we treat our delicate marine ecosystems and through our migratory birds rehabilitation program, we aimed to support the avian wildlife on their migratory path. We provided lifelong sanctuary to a multitude of farm animals, including a dedicated equine program.

  • 17,250+ animals rescued

    K'S PATH has cared for animals including cats, dogs, horses, donkeys, turtles, tortoises, ferrets, sugar gliders, hamsters, guinea pigs, parrots, ducks, chicken, quails, rabbits, hedgehogs, iguanas, flamingos, eagles, falcons, buzzards, owls, vultures, kestrels, baboons, hyenas, foxes, a bear, and a meerkat.

  • 34,000+ kilograms of waste

    Manually collected by K’S PATH volunteers during more than 200+ beach clean-ups to protect Kuwait’s marine species.

  • 21,000+ students educated

    Over 25 schools and universities educated by K’S PATH’s Environment and Humane Animal Education program.

  • 6,600+ volunteers

    Engaging in K'S PATH marine conservation program and shelter work. Of these, 600+ are registered volunteers.

Our Team

Ayeshah Al-Humaidhi
Sheikha Fatima Al-Sabah
Chairman & CEO
Mohammed Mustafa
Assistant Shelter Manager & IT Manager